The Perfused Fractal

Mathematical Surrealism

I’m listening to your tone.
Fading to one’s own existence
my miserable brain tries
to make the incomprehensible
You are a riddle,
my very personal Theory of Everything,
the mystery
which binds me more
than the thought of the best hypothesis
to explain you,
because you are unapproachable.

Every analogy to describe you
fails to express your true complexity.
Perhaps you are
– and I dare to say “only” –
an analogy of recursive analogies,
a loop opening into itself,
that provides consciousness
here and there.

I hear you
in each of my thoughts,
see you
in everything
that is in front of me,
recognize you
in all your variations,
because you are diversity.
You are God.
You are chaos,
you are life.
And I would give everything
to understand you.

But this would probably
end in fatal inception;
I see it coming;
Because no human of…

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The Mathemagican

The mathematician
is indeed a magician
for he plays with numbers
like they were some kind
of juggle balls.

He speaks the language of the universe,
the language of logic;
Speaking in analogies
he combines equations
like the chemist combines toxic elements…

– they are the words
of logical thought,
are capable to tell stories
about the universe’s very first days.

The mathemagician’s passion
is to find analogies
between analogies,
just like the writer
searches for metaphors…

He searches for understanding the cosmos…
In dialoque with the universe
he begins to wonder and wander
across the ocean of infinite possibilities…

Fervor with measure,
passion with exactness,
that’s the ultimate of mathematics;
Connecting the details
to create the big puzzle…

Holistic thinking
clashes together
with reductionistic thinking…
That’s when the details coalesce
to one big picture.

The mathemagician loves riddles,
is as fascinated as a child discovering something new.
Nothing can stop the mathemagician’s curiosity
from finding out
by what the world is held together in its innermost…

and fascination;
that’s what drives him
– almost crazy…

Dark Monster of Mathemagics

Dark monster of numbers,
please tell me,
why do you look so angry
when messing around the symbols?

Dark monster of logic,
why are you searching for quantors
that aren’t for everyone?

Dark monster of topology,
why are you inside out
the same
as outside in?

Dark monster of abstract algebra,
why are you messing around
with my beloved structures?

What are you doing
with your scattered mind
in such a bizarre,
but fragile world of mathematics?

Can’t you just sit
and listen,
and don’t mess around?

What are your intentions,
you dolt,
what can you do
with such an unprepared mind?

It replies,
and I have to think twice
about what it said:

“My dearest,
you seem to be stuck
in your conventional ideas,
why don’t you try something new instead?

Do you lack creativity
or do you still live in the illusional reality
that mathematics doesn’t need such thing?

My dear,
I know your intention was not bad,
but you do more harm than good
with the idea of never trying something new.

Guess, what where these people
who made scientific breakthroughs?
Conservatives who built their ideas on conventional ideas!?

I tell you,
my dear,
every breakthrough was made by someone
who was at least a third of a rebel!

So don’t dare to tell me I can’t achieve that,
let me try
and find new possible ways!”

Phi Dance

Mathematical Surrealism

The sequence starts;
One plus one equals two,
continues; one and two is three;
two and three gives us five…

my little friend,
a constant of the approximative value
one comma six one eight!

A ratio
so golden
and a sequence
so pure!

Numbers are juggle balls;
Play around,
my beloved mathemagicians,
and see; It’s all just a game!

Divide one by one,
two by one,
three by two,
five by three,
eight by five
and see:

It will dance around
a mysterious axis,
in this case
called “phi”.

my little numbers;
dance around the axis
of pure mysteries!

One plus the square root of five
divided by two
creates a number’s hive
of beautiful patterns recognized by you!

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My Heart is a Calabi-Yau-Manifold

My dear,
you’ll get lost
in the maze
of what I am.

You’ll never understand me
for your brain isn’t designed
for more than three dimensions.

You’ll never grasp
what I am
or even who I am,
because even I don’t know.

Everything I could do
is limiting myself
to make sense to you.

But this isn’t what I want,
neither does it bring us forward in any way;
It would only hold us back
from our personal progress.

We would only be
destroyer of dreams,
killers of development.

Is destruction
all you want??
…while you declare it
as an act of creation?

Then, my dear,
I have to tell you,
you lost yourself in the layers of my twisted existence!


Mathematical Surrealism

I’m a system
of strict and rigorous rules.
Don’t dare to break them
or you are incredible fools!

Prove me wrong,
but don’t dare
to leave me along
for it’s all we ever were.

Don’t dare to leave me,
because I’m all of this,
don’t dare to be
that very last beautiful kiss.

But what are you doing?
Where are you going
after all?
What were you saying in your very last call?

Are you telling me
I’m incomplete,
that no one can see
me being utterly complete?

What am I supposed to be
without a complete identity?
Paradox, I am,
being self-referent is all I can!

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