Dark Monster of Mathemagics

Dark monster of numbers,
please tell me,
why do you look so angry
when messing around the symbols?

Dark monster of logic,
why are you searching for quantors
that aren’t for everyone?

Dark monster of topology,
why are you inside out
the same
as outside in?

Dark monster of abstract algebra,
why are you messing around
with my beloved structures?

What are you doing
with your scattered mind
in such a bizarre,
but fragile world of mathematics?

Can’t you just sit
and listen,
and don’t mess around?

What are your intentions,
you dolt,
what can you do
with such an unprepared mind?

It replies,
and I have to think twice
about what it said:

“My dearest,
you seem to be stuck
in your conventional ideas,
why don’t you try something new instead?

Do you lack creativity
or do you still live in the illusional reality
that mathematics doesn’t need such thing?

My dear,
I know your intention was not bad,
but you do more harm than good
with the idea of never trying something new.

Guess, what where these people
who made scientific breakthroughs?
Conservatives who built their ideas on conventional ideas!?

I tell you,
my dear,
every breakthrough was made by someone
who was at least a third of a rebel!

So don’t dare to tell me I can’t achieve that,
let me try
and find new possible ways!”