The Importance of Holistic Learning

In school it’s often the case that we learn facts without questioning why and how. Curiosity became lost. But how can we gain, or better said ignite, curiosity? It starts with ones own true passion for the subject – may it be whatever it is. Everyone is an expert in something. We should learn to see our own strengths (and also weaknesses), form a collective that’s helping each other to make the best possible effort – but, perhaps not effort, but a kind of passion for the things we teach and study.

Another very important aspect is holistic learning in which one can recognize connections between many different ideas, concepts of theories. It starts with the quastion “Why?”. But why is it so important to teach the ability to view everything as a whole? If we understand something, we “build bridges”, and if we can connect these bridges we can indeed feel a kind of ecstasy for understanding is true joy. But, unfortunately, most people rarely feel this in this very intense form one gets by finding out something by oneself.

As I was a child I said that the entire universe was a jigsaw puzzle. Now I still think it’s true, it’s just more complex in the means that every jigsaw puzzle piece is an entire jigsaw puzzle game itself. This analogy became “more exact” just as Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity could predict gravitational effects far better than the older Newtonian Theory of Gravity. Everything evolves and changes, transforms and develops. We learn from our mistakes and make it better (at least that’s the theory…).

But what does it have to do with holistic learning? Holistic learning enables us to see beyond the borders of our understanding, to grasp the universe and everything it contains as one whole. To understand bigger connections can indeed enlighten us, can make us over-think complicated things and explain them simple. – That’s exactly what mathematics is as well! We try to make complicated things simple, not the other way around!

My conclusion is that holistic learning is not just important because of the fact that it can motivate and inspire us and can ignite curiosity that became lost, but also because of the idea that it also brings us forward in our thinking, in our scientific research and perhaps makes us realize we are all one in a world where separation and hate tear us apart.